Defending Sex Crimes in Michigan

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Have you been accused of a sex crime in Michigan?

Shannon is a Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney Focusing Only On CSC and Child Abuse

The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, PC is known throughout Michigan for successfully defending clients accused of criminal sexual conduct and serious child abuse allegations. In these cases, often times clients are facing not only criminal charges, but also have to resolve issues with Child Protective Services and may face termination of their parental rights. Shannon Smith has the experience and ability to help you in every aspect of your case, including the criminal courts, juvenile courts and even family courts. Shannon has represented numerous men, women, juveniles, teachers, doctors and other professionals facing these types of charges.

Shannon Smith uses a team approach these cases, which has proved to be very successful. She has developed a strong network of experts and resources that she routinely consults with on cases. By understanding the research in psychology and being able to identify issues related to memory, suggestibility, adolescent development, offender behavior and forensic interviewing techniques, Shannon has been able to develop winning strategies that have frequently gotten cases dismissed before trial.

If a case goes to trial, Shannon Smith also has extensive trial experience in the criminal courts, abuse/neglect courts and family courts. Shannon is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s elite Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming where she graduated in 2011. By determining the story of the case, including the motivations of the people involved to make false allegations, exaggerate claims and to accomplish their own secondary gains, Shannon can often figure out what is driving a case.

Shannon does not only handle cases that are proximate to her office in Bloomfield Hills. Shannon has successfully handled cases in numerous counties throughout Michigan, including Kent County, Bay County, Lapeer County, Eaton County and many others. Shannon maintains a small caseload so that she is able to dedicate herself to each and every case she agrees to take on. Most of Shannon Smith’s cases are referred to her by other lawyers because Shannon is widely known and trusted throughout the state.

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